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Tytuł: By Raymond mill self development opportunities and challenges
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From the 1906 C.V.Grueber Curt Von Grueber in the southern suburbs of Berlin machinery manufacturing factory to create, to the present application of a new type of Raymond Mill in the field of industry widely, Raymond mill has gone through nearly 100 years of history, the manager how many times has experienced many challenges, turning, won many times to succeed.
Initially, Raymond mill is from Germany to USA Raymond centrifugal hoop roller mill patent application, in view of Berlin's coal industry equipment, for hard coal, high ash content and Germany, in view of the high grinding force equipment, but the results are not satisfactory. Because the roller grinding force in the first generation of Raymond mill coal mill (centrifugal force) by grinding roll diameter and speed limits, at the time of the mill is only applicable to soft, easy raymond mill material ( and low ash coal is good, can not meet the requirements of Germany, abandoned, was retired. However, this device was accidentally meet American coal grinding requirements, so that the USA Raymond coal mill has been widely promoted and applied, or whether it can spread from today, yet.
In the 1925E.C.Loesche and up to the first generation of Raymond mill grinding structure, improvement, application and before the opposite grinding principle, called improved Raymond mill. Soon, the Mongolian grinding patent soon to be American Combustion Engineering Company (Combustion Engineering) production, purchase, it improved the ventilation with positive and negative pressure direct blow in two ways, but because of limited hoop roller mill, the roll diameter increased slightly, but the Raymond mill force increases a little, the effect is still not ideal.
Since then, the combustion engineering company branch of Raymond also plans a new round of VR mill, produce, its structure and Loesche mill is very similar, different is that it uses a cylindrical roller and belt with a 15 degree angle of the inclined surface grinding mill, and is also provided with a protection device, in order to to prevent metal to metal contact between the grinding roller and the grinding disc. In addition to the mill grinding roller can be lifted ahead before the start, it can reduce the starting torque of the motor.
Raymond Mill in America industrialized application, usually used in the preparation of the coal mine, and later introduced the domestic industry, and the application is also developed, become the milling industry.
Because the indoor temperature is too high the Raymond mill which has 2 points
First, pay attention to each lubricating point of the Raymond mill working state, such as bearings, roller and so on, the timing quantitative oil lubrication equipment components, ensure good working environment, increase the flexibility of the operation of the components, reducing the friction between the contact surface, prolong the service life of equipment, thus avoiding the grinding chamber the problem of high temperature.
Second, according to the working condition of ventilation, can adjust the grinding chamber, which is open to the external air flow ventilation pipe, and the grinding chamber convection occurs, so that the flour milling machine room temperature slowly decrease, avoid high temperature of the grinding chamber device.

Tytuł: Odp: By Raymond mill self development opportunities and challenges
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