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Tytuł: traditional shoes are not even close to foot shap
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Let's talk about support quickly. If you put your arm in a cast, what happens to it over time? It does not get stronger; it gets weaker. If you put your foot in a cast, it does not get stronger over time; it gets weaker. If you do this long enough, you will know why we refer to these as foot coffins. You're making your feet progressively weaker and weaker. If you're running in ( a pair of sandals where your foot bends and flexes naturally, you can actually use the muscles, ligaments and tendons the way they're designed. If they've been asleep in foot coffins, sandals can strengthen them.

Am I saying you're Adidas Ultra Boost All Terrain MID ( absolutely adidas sneaker going to strengthen your feet? No, we don't have some specific bit of buy adidas shoes science that goes along with that, but think about it logically. Traditional shoes do not let your foot bend. It's like being in a cast. Minimalist sandals let your foot do whatever it wants because there's nothing getting in the way. Which do you think might let your foot work more naturally, especially if you're doing things that require foot strength? That's all I'm going to say about that.

Why else might you like to run in a pair of sandals instead of running shoes? The freedom. Oh my gosh. All you need is a little bit of lacing holding the sole on your foot, and a little protection. When you feel the lightness and the freedom that you get because the air that's moving around your foot. There's nothing on top of your foot, your toes can flex without having cheap adidas shoes anything in the way. Just that little bit of fabric, when you feel that on adidas shoes shop your toes, for many people it will restrict your movement because your body goes, "Oops, something in the way, better not do that. " There's nothing restricting your movement in a pair of sandals.

The fit, I don't know about you but traditional shoes are not even close to foot shaped. Even minimalist shoes, while the forefoot is closer to the shape of a foot, the midfoot area, many feet are not that thin here and still have unnecessary support. With sandals you won't have that issue because we make them wide enough to allow your foot to fit properly. With our Venture sandal or our do-it-yourself kits where you can make your own sandals the way people have been doing it for thousands of years, you can trim these to fit your unique foot shape, so you get something adidas shoes outlet that fits your foot, not something that squeezes your toes together into a giant point. Whose foot is pointy like traditional shoes? Not very many people.