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Cliff Yeates
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« : Maj 14-05-2020, 07:35:48 »

Seek for His deliverance. I kapelusz męski pray that Lord Jesus, please hear his cry and prayer. Please deliver Paul out of darkness as that's the purpose of The Lord Jesus Christ crucified on the Cross for our remission of sins. I pray Lord by the blood of Jesus, Paul is sanctified, justified and redeemed our if the hands of the devil. In Jesus' mighty name I pray, Amen and amen. Paul cry out to Him for repentance and forsake your sins and then to Him, and He shall heal you.

God hates sin and that is not sin because it is not a person& people hate people and that IS sin. See the difference?It is a paradox to us as we struggle with the idea of God's overarching Love for the sinner at the same time as they are His enemy. It is kapelusz słomkowy beyond our comprehension, much like the concept of the Trinity and predestination. Nonetheless it is true and Scripture is unbroken. God is love, hates the sinner, and sent the remedy in the form of the Cross, to reconcile the paradox and to demonstrate His amazing Love.

Susie, thank kapelusz kowbojski you for your comment. I am puzzled over your comment. This article is about sin and so why do you essentially say that a person is not saved unless they get baptized. Then you are adding to the full work of salvation and Jesus said at the cross "Paid in full" (in th Greek). You are essentially saying that, "Sorry Jesus, your death was not enough& I must add to it by being baptized. Nice try Jesus but your death on the cross wasn't enough& .I need to complete it with me being kapelusz panama baptized. A person that is saved SHOULD get baptized& .but what you quoted "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, he that believeth not shall be damned" does not say "He that believes and is baptized shall be saved in order to be saved."

Is there a site or do you have a site to post at/onso theres current discussion & feedback because we/man have a very serious problem that everyone needs to understand so its not a problem & will see just how wonderfull Jesus/God is & never lose faith or hope in Jesus Christ during the gloom & hardships(no wrath but for the wicked) coming soon & we all will rejoice in Jesus & I promise all will love him more than you do now in your heart when you understand who God is and what he has done & planned for his children.

I want all to understand who God is and I know most would like to know before Heaven & Jesus deserves to not be jealous because we worship and treasure other things more & kapelusz rybacki it hurts me inside we are not praising & glorifing Jesus more than we do because I havent told the best yet. Sorry so long, Bless us all who are born of man(that incudes Jesus..hehe)No, we can't sin all we want and accept sins as if it were not sin. Part of becoming a Christian is something called "repentence." To repent means to completely turn away in both mind and heart from yourself and back to God. If you look up the word "repent" you also see the words sincere regret, remorse, shame, and guilt, among many other discriptions.
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